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Disciple U is a discipleship small group at Community Fellowship Church of the Nazarene, dedicated to learning more about God through His holy word. We endeavor to read, study, listen, and otherwise immerse ourselves in the Bible and the kingdom of God, knowing that our faith will be enlarged and encouraged, and we will be equipped for every good work. (Rom 10:17, 2 Tim 3:16-17)


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"I feel so grounded during such a chaotic time in our world where emotions run hot and anxiety will be felt for months to come... iIn spite of the maelstrom surrounding me (and you), I know as Tara-Leigh Cobble says, "He's where the joy is!"

— Pastor Tim Harrison
Community Fellowship Church of the Nazarene
"I have really enjoyed the Scripture readings each day... It doesn't seem as great a task as I have done before. I look forward to the day's reading. The podcast is essential in bring the Word to life."— Gail Keith, Disciple-U Team
“When I heard that this can change your life, that's what I want." --- Disciple-U Participant